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The girl overcame excess weight and became a fitness blogger (3 photos)

The 27-year-old Swede Jelly Devout, who lives in the British city of Sheffield, could not always boast of an ideal figure and hundreds of thousands of fans in social networks. 7 years ago the girl suffered from excess weight, liked to drink and often struggled with a hangover. Now it’s all in the past, Jelly is a fitness blogger and a model, she helps other people to achieve their goal and it’s fine with it.

According to Dzhelli, the key to success was the refusal of alcohol. Previously, she was a regular at various parties, and therefore it was difficult for her to control her meals. Refusing alcohol, the girl ruled out her diet of harmful food and bought a subscription to the gym.


For several months, she managed to lose weight by 18 kg, after which she continued to work on her figure. Now, Jelly admits that she has achieved her ideal and works only to maintain the figure. She can afford to drink a little wine or eat something sweet, but it’s all done under the control and with the knowledge that the calories will have to be worked out.


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