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The Australian almost did not remain paralyzed, but recovered and conquered the tops of all the continents in 117 days

The man set a record for climbing speed, although he could recently lose the opportunity to walk forever.

In 2014, Australian Steve Plain (Steve Plain) broke his back while sailing. In addition to multiple fractures of his vertebrae, his spinal cord was damaged, as well as the vertebral disc was broken, the artery was cut and ligaments torn.

Doctors said that he had high chances never to get back on his feet and remain paralyzed. During the recovery, Plain promised himself the goal of conquering seven peaks – one for each continent of the Earth.

Lying in the hospital and looking at the ceiling with the thoughts that I might not be able to walk again and do what I want, I decided to focus on the recovery process.

Steve Plain
climber who could remain paralyzed

Four years after the incident, the Australian set a record, most quickly conquering the highest points on each of the seven continents. He overtook the previous record holder for 8 days, having traveled the entire distance for 117 days.

On the morning of May 14, Plain, along with guides Jon Gupta and Pemba Sherpa, reached the summit of Everest, completing his journey. This information was confirmed by the GPS tracker climber, showing that he is on the mountain at an altitude of 8,848 meters. Soon after the ascent, one of the guides published an emotional tweet from the top.

“Update – Hello from the top of the world !!! We did it! We are on top of Everest! Words can not describe what I can see and what I feel – so many emotions! For me this is the third time ”
Plain began his ascent in January 2018 from Mount Vision in Antarctica (height 4892 meters). After that, he visited Aconcagua in South America (6962 meters), Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895 meters), Punchak Jaya in Papua New Guinea (4884 meters), Elbrus in Europe (5642 meters) and Mount Denali in North America (6,190 meters ). The previous record belonged to the Polish mountaineer Janusz Kochanski, who conquered all the peaks in 126 days.

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