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Study: Americans began to rarely call the daughters of “Alex” after the presentation of the same voice assistant

The popularity of an already rare name fell by 30%.

Professor Maryland University Philip Cohen (Philip Cohen) published a study of the latest data from the US Social Security Service on the popularity of names.

He found that after 2015, Americans have become much less likely to call their daughters “Alex” – the same voice responds to the voice assistant from Amazon, presented in the same year. As Cohen noted, the popularity of this in two years fell by 30%.

Schedule popularity of the name Alex. Original by Philip Cohen
At the same time, the name of “Alex” was not particularly popular even before the presentation of the “clever assistant”: in different years for the last twenty years it was in the general rating of names between 32nd and 87th place.

Cohen added that after 2016, the popularity of the name “Donald”, which was most popular in the early 1990s, fell even more. Since then, it has gradually lost its position in sociological rankings. A special drop in the popularity of “Donald” Cohen attributed to the fact that after 2016 it became associated with a “negative character”.

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