On Apple sued because of the crash of an EgyptAir company

Families of some of the victims of the crash involving the EgyptAir plane in 2016, passengers filed a lawsuit against Apple. According to one theory, the cause of the wreck of the aircraft was the smartphone of the American corporation or its tablet. The official cause of the fire on board the flight was not announced.

Traces of severe smoke and temperature effects were detected in the front of the aircraft and, in particular, in the cockpit. It is assumed that the source of fire were the iPhone 6S and iPad mini of one of the pilots who allegedly put the device (or devices) on the dashboard.

Some experts disagree with such assumptions, since it is difficult to imagine a pilot who would put anything else on the dashboard (at least this object would be on the floor when performing a turn or take-off). In addition, the equipment detected smoke in the toilet and under the floor, there were also warnings of the glass heating system.

Apple refutes any connection with the tragedy. According to some experts, it is not possible to name the causes of the disaster at present, and lawyers representing the interests of the families of the deceased are more likely to be interested in earning money.

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