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Musk: in the next five years Falcon 9 will make 300 missions. Then it will be replaced by the BFR

Elon Musk in his Twitter reported that over the next five years, Falcon 9 missiles will commit about 300 missions. After that, they will be replaced by a reusable super-heavy BFR rocket, which the inventor announced in September 2017.

The three hundred missions are planned to be performed on 30-40 multi-stage stages of the Falcon 9, which effectively return to the platform after launch. Apparently, the same number includes the use of the rocket Falcon Heavy, which in fact consists of three Falcon 9. Its debut launch took place last winter. A useful load was the electric car Tesla Roadster.

The main task of BFR according to the version of Elon Musk is the flight to the Moon, Mars and other planets. It is planned that it will be able to discharge about 150 tons of cargo into orbit.

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