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In the UK, omissions for pornographic sites will be sold at newsstands

In 2017, the UK decided to take measures to restrict access to adult sites. The law will come into effect closer to the end of this year, and the regulator considers it the best way to control the sale of special “passes” for such resources. Such omissions – cards with 16-digit code – will be sold at newsagents and small shops.

Initially, it was planned to use the software platform, but there were questions about possible leaks of data about its users. For this reason, an alternative was proposed that allows to preserve the anonymity of users – the sale of “passes” in those very newspaper kiosks.

The code will cost 10 pounds sterling, when buying it, you will need to show your passport or driver’s license (so that the potential visitor of sites over 18 years is guaranteed). No personal information will be entered into the online database.

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