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Google employees first resigned because of cooperation with the Pentagon in the creation of artificial intelligence

“I can not recommend joining the company, knowing what I know.”

About 10 employees of Google resigned in protest against the company’s participation in the US Department of Defense’s Maven project to develop artificial intelligence for drones, Gizmodo reported, citing several sources in Google.

The applications of the dismissed employees were collected and distributed among their colleagues. They explained their decision with ethical considerations about the use of artificial intelligence and other developments of Google for military purposes.

The management of Google has become less transparent when making business decisions and less interested in hearing the claims of subordinates, Gizmodo told some of the retired. In their opinion, Google should not participate in military projects at all: “It’s people, and not algorithms, that are responsible for this delicate and potentially deadly work.” The press service of the company did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comments.

At some point, I realized that I can not voluntarily recommend someone to join Google, knowing what I know. I realized that since I can not advise people to come here, why should I stay here?

resigned Google employee

The current dismissals of Google employees – the first known case of massive resignations in the company due to its business decision, noted Gizmodo. Only this situation was not limited to : previously nearly four thousand workers asked Google to break the contract with the Pentagon and develop internal rules against work with military tasks. The requirements of the staff were supported by 90 scientists, known for their work in the field of technology and artificial intelligence.

In March, ordinary Google employees and the public first learned about the partnership between the company and the Pentagon. According to the idea of ​​the Maven project, the Ministry of Defense uses machine training to speed up the analysis of objects, including people, on personnel from military unmanned drones. According to Google, it provides access to open source software, which theoretically allows you to use the technology and without partnering with the company.

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