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Egor Creed – the best musician, “Medusa” – the best song: YouTube launched the hit parades of tracks

The only place where Childish Gambino competes with Philip Kirkorov.

YouTube published the first music chart for a Russian audience, in which he named the most popular songs, videos and artists over the past week. The rating of trend tracks started in 44 regions, including the USA, where the leaders were Childish Gambino, Drake and Enrique Iglesias.

On YouTube, came up with four tops: the best songs, artists and clips, as well as musicians, gaining popularity. In the rating of the best clips, ” Color of the mood blue ” is leading Philip Kirkorov, the best songs are ” Medusa ” Matrang, the best performers are Egor Creed, and the recruiting viewers are “Move to Miami” Enrique Iglesias.

The best Russian performers on YouTube:

  • Egor Creed;
  • Aljey;
  • Time is up;
  • Matrang;
  • Jah Khalib.

Since 2017, YouTube is developing a free streaming service YouTube Music, which does not work in Russia yet. In February, the service began to unsubscribe users from unofficial music channels and automatically translate them into subscribers of verified accounts.

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