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Amazing things (23 photos)

Our world is full of amazing things, with which we are completely unfamiliar. This post will introduce us to some of these things that are very interesting and curious.

Malek blue marlin.

The index of the residence of every inhabitant of a small city in Texas.

Drainage on a steep slope, Taiwan.

A tree in Hiroshima that survived the dumping of the atomic bomb.

An abandoned Chinese fishing village.

A path trampled by a cat on the territory of his master’s house.

Beautifully composed logs.

The fallen tree continued to grow.

A table and chairs that look as if they have been glued from paper.

An unusual tree.

A view from below on the paw of a gecko.

Round table for ping-pong.

Pool with a descent for wheelchair users.

A sandstorm from the window of the plane.

Stickers pasted on apples during their ripening left a trace on them.

A dog that looks out of the hole in the floor.

Molluscs get out on the surface.

Prosthesis made 150 years ago.

Marshmallow in the form of a flower.

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Device for cutting shrubs in the form of a ball.

Stairs at the University of Balamand, Lebanon.


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