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All you need to know about GDPR

What it is?

The GDPR – ( General Data Protection Regulation ) is a law passed by the European Parliament that describes the data protection rules for EU citizens, which will start operating on May 25.

Why does this concern me?

You probably started to receive messages from the services about changing the rules of use regarding the protection of personal data, and until you accept the new rules of use.

The latest data leakage, in particular the research conducted by Cambridge Analytica or the GetContact application , shows how much your data can be used for different purposes by companies.

But I’m in Russia (or in another country that is not part of the EU)

Services can not invent 100500 different policies for the use of personal data for different countries and try to meet the most stringent requirements in order to secure their future development in the future.

And what happens if the services do not meet these requirements?

Penalties include fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company’s annual global turnover (whichever is greater). For example, the data leak of a mobile operator TalkTalk in 2015 was estimated a record fine of 500 thousand pounds sterling , then under the new law it would have been estimated at 59 million pounds sterling.

Some companies, in the light of new requirements, began to abandon service users in Europe.

So what will be protected there that scares a company like Google or Facebook?

With the leakage of user data, companies are required to report this to the regulator of the country within 72 hours, the users of which it affected.

For companies that have more than 250 employees, you need an explanation of what data and why they are going.

But the main innovation is that companies must get the consent from the user that specific information will be collected and processed.

Users have the right to know what data is collected and to request the deletion of data that is no longer needed, or no longer relevant.

What does the term “personal data” include?

According to the logic of this law, “personal data” includes information on which a person can be identified, for example, an address, name, telephone number, address, health status, economic or cultural situation.

What am I supposed to do?

If you just use the services, then accept the new policies. Without this, they will stop working for you from May 25.

If you have a website or some kind of service that EU citizens use, be sure to check to follow the law.

And, finally, jokes about GDPR from Twitter

“Do you know of any good GDPR consultant?” “Yes. Can you give me an email address?” “No
An important day, I received my business card, which meets the requirements of the GDPR
Stunned (not very) – I received a letter from our PR department (which I do not even know) about the need to meet the requirements of the GDPR. She put all the recipients in a copy. I’m not sure she understands the GDPR.
To meet the requirements of the GDPR, starting from May 25, I will not remember anyone’s names, persons or personal data, until explicit consent …. fuh, finally some excuse
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