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What will be shown on WWDC 2018

Before WWDC 2018 less than a month. The presentation, which will open the developer conference, is in 2nd place in importance after the new iPhone in September. We wait.

The network has enough rumors, and we put them together to understand what will be shown on WWDC 2018.

WWDC 2018 will open the presentation on June 4

Apple confirmed , WWDC 2018 will be held from 4 to 8 June. We are waiting for the presentation of new developments on the first day of the event at 20:00 Moscow time.

The company believes that if we combine technology and creativity, we will realize incredible ideas.

Tickets for WWDC 2018 were randomly sold until March 22nd. Apple invited thousands of talents who will take part in a hundred of those. sessions, master classes, consultations, get-togethers.

Promising students-developers will receive scholarships.

Most of all, i’m waiting for iOS 12

Our desires do not count, iOS 12 codenamed Peace (“Peace”) is not about new chips, it’s about optimization. Name of the speaker.

Developers of Apple will get rid of bugs and vulnerabilities , make the OS fast and smooth as in “childhood”. It’s in theory. As in practice, it becomes clear on the first beta.

But the cosmetic changes in iOS 12 will be:

  • Animeji for the iPad, new animations
  • Pruning Siri
  • Processing of “Shares”
  • Do Not Disturb Update
  • Little things

The ARKit version will be raised to 2.0. The engine of augmented reality will teach you how to work with multiplayer, and that’s interesting. Other useful developments Apple postpones to iOS 13.

In the amount of norms, against Google I / O 2018 – in any way. But with the former smoothness of iOS 12, we forgive her the lack of innovation.

Oh yeah, iPhone 5s will update, and it’s a victory.

More will show macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, tvOS 12

macOS 10.14 will speed up the output of the MacBook from sleep, get analogues of the Tablet Split View and “Control Center” from iOS in the system menu.

Universal applications for iOS and macOS are migrated to 2019, their time has not yet come.

watchOS 5 will present new dials for Apple Watch, more settings for the “Control Point”.

But we are more waiting for sleep tracking. In May 2017, Apple bought Beddit, and she was just working on this topic. On the comfort of sleep in Apple Watch so far remain silent.

tvOS 12 will not show anything interesting.

Apple continues to develop the direction of services, but before the creation of a full-fledged TV, it is far from being even in the US.

Analysts allude to iPhone SE2

99% of the iPhone SE2 renderers on the web are ridiculous fantasies.

If we see a novelty on the WWDC 2018, it will not be much different from the iPhone SE. Get a glass backdrop for wireless charging and lose 3.5-audio, no more.

The SE2 will be pulled to the iPad 2018 for filling and will receive the A10 Fusion from the iPhone 7. The 3D Touch is recognized as a failure, the technology will not be in the top-of-the-range part of the iPhone 2018, nor will it get a budget.

Personally, I’m against the release of the iPhone SE2, and we’ll discuss this in a separate material. In short, there’s the iPhone 7, that’s enough.

There were rumors about the new iPad Pro

The current generation of the iPad Pro was shown on WWDC 2017, WWDC 2018 – the time for the next.

Novelties will receive 8-core A11x Bionic (3 powerful Monsoon and 5 energy-efficient Mistral) from TSMC, screens at 120 Hz.

Analysts are waiting for the model without a framework with Face ID, but we do not believe it. The iPhone X with the face scanner was a jubilee demonstration of possibilities, and the era of the new technology will begin with the iPhone 2018.

Novelties to be, but still familiar .

Still talking about fresh MacBook Air

Yes, they can still show the new MacBook Air for beginners .

They will not differ from the actual ones externally, but they should get USB-C, fresh stuffing and a price of $ 799-899.

If the screens remain the same, I do not even advise you to look. If you translate to Retina, you can think.

MacBook Pro will also come out , they will receive Intel processors of the 8th generation Coffee Lake, maybe 32 GB of RAM in the top. All.

It’s all?!

There were rumors about HomePod Lite, but Apple has not fully launched even the first HomePod in the world, so they are past.

We’d like to see the Mac mini, which has not been updated since 2014. But there were no rumors about it either. It could be an entry point for new users, but not in this universe.

There was talk of modular Mac Pro, but iMac Pro is successful, and Apple will not create a practical competitor to it.

My dream is the presentation of streaming video service Apple Movies (similar to Apple Music), but this is only a fantasy.

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