What to do if your Mac started to make a lot of noise

Every year, the MacBook is getting thinner. With this size, you need a perfect and refined cooling system. The MacBook has it all right, the fans are turned on as needed, and the notebook body itself dissipates the heat well. But there is one problem.

MacBook (except for 12-inch) is robust noise during cooling.

So fans work and from this you can not escape. But an indirect solution to the problem is – you do not have to overheat the laptop, then it will not need to cut the cooling system.

Especially, often the MacBook is heated precisely because of improper handling. Here are five tips that will make your Mac much quieter:

1. Place the MacBook on a flat, solid surface

Forget about the cozy blankets and the MacBook on your knees. Putting a laptop on a pillow, a bed or a soft sofa is also not the best idea . Almost all Apple computers have ventilation holes that can not be blocked. Here, where they are:

  • iMac – on the bottom edge and behind;
  • iMac Pro – on the bottom edge and behind;
  • Mac mini – at the bottom;
  • Mac Pro (end of 2013) – at the bottom;
  • MacBook Pro – on the sides and behind;
  • MacBook Air – on the back panel next to the hinge.

And it’s not just about shutting down the air ducts. Some tissues themselves isolate heat quite well, and this is a big problem for passive cooling.

Therefore, try to put the MacBook only on level, solid surfaces. Get a laptop stand, it costs a penny, but really helps.

2. Pull the Mac out of that blind shelf

But the same flat and hard surfaces can damage the cooling system.

This is true for owners of stationary computers Apple. If you push the Mac mini or Mac Pro into a dead recess , the system user will still overheat. The matter is that the device quickly pushes around itself hot air, and fans will work without stopping.

I fully support the desire to remove all the wires and hide the sys- temnik away. But any computer needs at least some kind of air circulation. So in the pursuit of beauty, you should not go far.

3. Clean the radiator regularly from dust.

You will be surprised at how much dust is dragged into yourself by the laptop fans. It settles on the duct, on the fan blades and on other internal components. If you smoke nearby or hover next to the MacBook – the effect is even stronger.

To clean the parts, the body will have to be opened . There is nothing difficult, buy a set of five-petal Torx screwdrivers and alternately unscrew the bolts on the back cover of the laptop. It is easily removed entirely.

No wet rags, dust should be cleaned with compressed air . There are several options: to fork out and buy a balloon with air, to find a vacuum cleaner with the regime “for blowing out” or buy an ordinary syringe in the pharmacy. Carefully blow the fan and grill holes. It is better to hold the blades with your finger, do not rotate them uncontrollably. The procedure should be repeated every three months.

Of course, in any service this procedure will be done for you. The price of the question is about 1500 rubles. But cleaning will be much better.

4. Uninstall this Google Chrome at last

It’s not just about the Google browser, but about any other resource-intensive processes. Soundly assess the capabilities of your Mac, for example, if you turn on Air on Air in iTunes, work on photos in Photoshop and Lightroom, while rewriting through Chrome – the laptop will start to buzz like a flying plane.

If possible, replace the programs with less voracious ones, the same Safari has much less appetite. Unload resource-intensive programs if they are not used. The laptop will work much quieter.

5. Reset the SMC

Mac computers have a System Management Controller (SMC). It is responsible for the simplest functions, such as pressing the power button or controlling indicators. The full list can be read here .

We are interested in the fact that SMC, including, controls the temperature . This means that if your Mac fan is overclocked for no reason, it may help reboot this controller.

For all MacBooks released after 2009, this method is relevant:

  • completely turn off the MacBook;
  • then press the Shift-Control-Option keys on the left side of the keyboard together with the power button;
  • keep the keys and the power button pressed for 10 seconds;
  • release all the keys;
  • turn on the MacBook.

It is better to connect the laptop to the network, so it’s easier to understand that everything is done right. When the SMC is rebooted, the power light will blink.

If all this did not help

The cooling system starts to work for wear not only because of the direct rejection of the fans. The processor or graphics core may be faulty. Then they heat up faster and fans start earlier.

By the way, a tired battery can also start cooling for nothing. For example, we replaced by a battery under warranty, and his MacBook Pro stopped making noise . The chip works only with PCT laptops, “gray” will have to be repaired at own expense.

In any case, if the above tips did not help, it’s worth to take the Mac to the service. For diagnostics, not so much money is taken, but there is a chance that the problem will be solved with little blood.

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