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Several thousand people staged a rave with the Georgian parliament

So they protest against the actions of the police during the raids on nightclubs in Tbilisi.

Photo by katiesolo_
Photo by katiesolo_
In short, while in our city there are 500 people because of the fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich has been ruling for 18 years, or 12 thousand people because they censor the Internet and block the Telegram – in Georgia 3 thousand people left for the parliament building on rave .

Those who gathered at the parliament in Tbilisi believe that the police exceeded their authority during the anti-drug operation. But no one is beaten or taken to the car. People just continue to dance after the club on the street and hug. Fucking.

What happened

The already has a post about the beginning of the action , but it was about the night, when raids took place in the clubs. Now we are talking about the action, which started at 15:00 local time and continues to this day.

The participants stated that they will not leave until Georgi Kvirikashvili resigns. And so far there is not one detainee.

A member of the National Movement Party supported the protesters and called the actions a punitive measure.

Raids are a punitive operation against young people who came to the club in the evening to have fun

Zaal Udumashvili
Member of the party “National Movement”

Earlier in Georgia, the criminal prosecution for the use of marijuana was abolished. For the first time the court found unconstitutional in September 2015. Then the amount of marijuana was considered, which would be considered a drug for personal use – 5 grams of dried marijuana and up to 10 grams of raw.

In September 2016, the punishment for acquiring and storing up to 70 grams of dry and 100 grams of raw marijuana was mitigated. And on Dec. 2, 2017 in Georgia, there was a decriminalization – canceled the criminal prosecution for the use of marijuana.

The Constitutional Court explained that the human right to choose the desired type of discharge, including using marijuana, is “a sphere protected by personal autonomy”. The sale of drugs, including marijuana, is still a serious crime.

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