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Resonance: Eurovision Song Contest 2018

“How wonderful that there are good people on Twitter who watch what you do not want to watch yourself.”

On May 12, in Portugal , the final of the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest took place, in which 26 countries took part. Despite the annual criticism of the song competition for the low level of participants and their compositions, “Eurovision” is a special event for Russian-speaking Twitter: users actively comment on what is happening and joke about the performers.

2018 was no exception.

The winner of “Eurovision” was the Israeli singer Netta Barzilay from Israel, who was originally one of the favorites. With the song “Toy”, which The New York Times called “the anthem of feminism”, she scored 529 points.

Bloggers Barzilai more memorable bright appearance and “chicken dance.”

Another participant, remembered by Twitter users – MELOVIN from Ukraine, who at the end of the issue began a fiery show. He scored 130 points and became 17th.

The fire around the piano immediately evoked associations with the meme This Is Fine.

And the group Rasmussen from Denmark began to compare with Vikings and the character of the “Games of Thrones” by Tormund.

Hungary brought rock musicians to Eurovision, which happens infrequently. Emotionality of the vocalist of the collective made him one of the main heroes of jokes about the contest.

Enough jokes and addresses to representatives of other countries.

Julia Samoilova, who spoke at the “Eurovision” from Russia, could not get to the final. But this did not stop Twitter users from drawing parallels between the contest and Russian realities.

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