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Photo: The reddened influx of the Neva

Oil products in the water did not find a check.

Photo by Inna Tsarikovskaya
Photo by Inna Tsarikovskaya

May 12, residents of St. Petersburg found that the river Murzinka in the Nevsky district changed color to red. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes the water in the river takes a different color, “from greenish to black”.

She’s like a chameleon. Constantly changes color. From poisonous-yellow to blood-red. Flows into the Neva. In my opinion, it can be poured into a gas tank.

Inna Tsarikovskaya

The publication “Fontanka” in the Smolny Committee for Natural Resources was informed that the specialists of SUE “PILARN” left the place of the alleged contamination on the same day. They did not find oil products into the water.

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