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Ivan Urgant announced the appearance of the domestic currency in the “Clover”

He noted that in the future it can be exchanged for goods or services, as well as buying additional lives in the game.

Ivan Urgant became the host of the regular Sunday broadcast of “Clover”. Before the game, he announced that soon there would be an internal currency in it – clover.

Urgant noted that it would be interesting to play in Clover soon, even after an incorrect answer to the question. For correct answers to questions, a certain amount of falsehood will be charged.

7 million 200 thousand people at least once played [in “Clover” for 2 months]. Asked about 1200 questions, played 5 million 200 thousand rubles. Thanks to “Clover” Russians have become richer by 5 million rubles.

Ivan Urgant

The presenter did not disclose all the details, but noted that for the currency it will be possible to buy additional lives in the game, and, perhaps jokingly, said that in the future it will be possible to buy real goods and services for it. Urgant did not name the timing of the appearance of clover.

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