In the UK, a self-propelled motorized shed was dispersed to 160 kilometers per hour

“It could not be better, I’m so happy,” says the creator of the unusual vehicle.

PA pictures
PA pictures

The motorized shed broke its own speed record by accelerating to 101 miles per hour (over 162 kilometers per hour) on the Pendine Sands beach in Wales.

Its owner is the 53-year-old gardener Kevin Nicks (Kevin Nicks) from Oxfordshire. On an unusual construction, he spent a total of more than 13 thousand pounds sterling (about one million rubles).

Nix did all the work himself: he built a shed, installed the engine and fixed the chassis. Several times he perfected the vehicle, changing the engine to a more powerful one.

And then I thought: I wonder, but how fast can this thing be accelerated? I took part in several competitions and all won them.

Kevin Nicks

The self-propelled shed has a road license – Nyks registered it so that you can take your daughter to school and go shopping.

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