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In Tbilisi, an anti-drug special operation grew into a protest rally and clashes with the police

The reason for the raid, according to some sources, was a new club drug, because of which several people died.

On the night of May 12, mass searches were conducted in nightclubs of Bassiani and Cafe Gallery in Tbilisi, related, according to the Georgian Interior Ministry, with the search for drugs. Earlier, within three months, an investigation was conducted, and the decision to conduct a special operation was taken by the court. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, eight people were detained during the night, who had drugs with them.

However, the visitors of the clubs resisted. Later, about a thousand people gathered near the Georgian parliament building, where clashes with the police occurred.

During the riots, another 20 people were detained, including Zurab Japaridze, the leader of the movement for the decriminalization of drug use, the presidential candidate from the Girchi party.

The reason for specialty was a new “club drug  . According to various sources, because of its use, four or five people have already died.

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