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Eurovision-2017 was won by Portugal

Salvador Sobral won the song contest “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev. The performer represented Portugal with the composition “Amar pelos dois” (“Loving for Two”). The live broadcast was conducted by the official Eurovision channel.

The Portuguese scored 758 points and was much ahead of other prizes. The second place was taken by Bulgarian representative Christian Kostov (615 points), the third – the Moldovan project SunStroke Project (374 points). Moldova also showed the best result among the countries of the former USSR.

Salvador Sobral became the only performer who performed at the small stage of the competition. His number passed without dance accompaniment and lighting effects.

Portugal seized the leadership in the voting of the countries from the very beginning and kept it, practically depriving the denouement of intrigue. Collected before the contest , he promised that he would win it in order to come to a press conference in a sweater with the slogan of supporting refugees.

Music is not a product, music is not a commodity, remember, music is creativity, music is magic!

Music is a feeling, let’s return music, this is the most important thing.

Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision-2017 contest

In the final of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest 26 performers participated. Originally bookmakers called the main contender for the victory of Italian Francesco Gabbani, but he took only the sixth on the voting results of the audience and professional jury.

The country, which hosted the contest this year, Ukraine, took 24th place. The audience awarded the project O.Torvald 36 points. The Belarusian group NaviBand, who performed the song in the national language, took 17th place, having scored 83 points. The representative of Russia did not participate in the contest this year.

The last place in the competition was taken by Spain, which did not receive a single point from the professional jury and only five from the audience. The audience also did not appreciate the performance of the singer from Australia, not awarding him a single point.

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