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TV shows that are long overdue

“Slave Izaura”, “Korolek – a bird singing”, “Santa Barbara” – if you remember and the more watched these series, then you know a lot about … television art. But today there is a choice, and if you want a frank thrash, it’s enough to include one of the TV channels. There – to find something called, for example, “Prospectus of disheveled fixtures – 16” or “Vasilina Obedkin and the search star-8”. Then – just enjoy.

Series that need to close

  • “Lost in Space”
  • “Superhumans”
  • “The Big Bang Theory”
  • “Chastener”
  • “Supernatural”
  • “Elementary”
  • Gotham
  • “Iron Fist” and “Black Lightning”
  • “Secret materials”

Fortunately, now you can consume TV popcorn based on your own tastes, which allows you to ignore the program policy of this or that channel. Sci-fi, detectives, dramas, sitcoms, horror movies, and so on-life is certainly not enough if you look at everything, even accelerating the reproduction every ten.

We compiled a selection of serials that should have been closed, but they still delight the viewers ‘eyes and the producers’ wallets. For various reasons, which we do not recognize. In the list it was decided to list TV shows in the genre of fiction, but there are a couple of exceptions.

“Lost in Space”

The series “Lost in Space” was to be a remake of the 1985 film of the same name. The launch of the project was preceded by an active advertising campaign, playing on a feeling of nostalgia. Expectations were high and … not justified. The series, which so wanted to be like science fiction with elements of survival, turned out to be a collection of blunders and a children’s fairy tale.

Maybe that’s what Netflix was counting on, but we need to warn. At the output, something far removed from reality (of course, given that it is still fantastic) and with strange ambitions. They blew their cheeks, but then they had to let out air. Someone says that “Lost in space” turned out better than it could be. Oh sure.

Surely the American TV channel will continue the project, and it will be watched – oddly enough, the better the show, the higher the chances that it will be closed. For TV show “smarter” the situation looks exactly the opposite. Maybe not worth it?


“Superhumans,” or Marvel’s Inhumans. Oh, how did the idea of ​​superheroes capture the world? Apparently, they are sorely lacking in mankind in the present tense time – someone after all needs to save the world. Zombies, of course, also worried the audience, but not like the army of beings with superpowers.

The project went on air in 2017, the first couple of episodes even showed in IMAX. It seemed that there would be something in the style of the “right” “X-Men”, only a lot on the TV. The truth of life was not so sweet, and the audience quickly realized that – the rating of the series was rapidly declining. And if ABC still announces the second season (and about the cancellation of “Superhumans” of information at the moment there), the world will hear a loud clap from the global “feyspalma.”

Yes, you can promote the series with news that only $ 100,000 was spent on creating Medusa hair, but it’s of little interest if the story is faded.

“The Big Bang Theory”

“The Big Bang Theory” has lasted 11 seasons, the last episode of the sitcom was published just a few days ago. He attracted the attention of a huge audience, and it is increasingly difficult to understand why this comedy is still afloat.

In the old days the popularity of the project was so high that one of the Belarusian TV channels launched its own clone, called “Theorists”. They shot four episodes, and the producer of the original Warner Bros. show. wrote an open letter to colleagues from a distant country. Thanks to him for some reason was not.

As for the real “Big Bang Theory”, there is such an opinion: the characters “washed” and they are completely “not the same as before” (a bit in the style of “earlier the grass was greener”). Nerds are no longer such nerds, the madman has disappeared somewhere, and ordinary people are appearing before us, only slightly more educated than the average for the region.

Now the project is like comfortable home slippers, from which it is difficult to refuse, but which has a much more comfortable replacement. It is necessary to look only a little.


“Punisher” is another attempt by Netflix to use the love of Marvel fans to the characters of her comic books. After watching the first series, it seemed that the bloodthirsty of Frank Castle knows no boundaries, and if this is only the beginning, then there will be real hell (and this is cool). No, it was only “zamanuha”, after which almost immediately began to stagnate.

The oil was poured into the fire by mass shootings in the USA in 2017, and the spectators started to resent the next example of violence on the screen. However, this, unfortunately, happens on a regular basis, and almost every year one of the films or serials causes another wave of criticism with shouts of “How long?” After all, the problem of “Punisher” is that the main character is a “simple person” and not a superhero.

He moves revenge and knows no obstacles in his path. True, his whole war is turning into an uninteresting routine. The film, based on the comics, would have looked much more intense than the series – a long one, in which each series is felt more and more tortured ( “Nothing minds, but something must be invented”, it seems, the writers think).

However, Netflix extended the series for at least the second season. What for? “Well, look the same.”


“Supernatural” torments the mind for 13 seasons, although its creator, Eric Kripke was going to release only five and even thought out the final in advance. What, perhaps, was his surprise when the show was renewed again and again. Although it is unlikely he was upset about this.

Such a long life of the project led to the expected consequences: tired actors, having lost their individuality, are tiredly trying to repeat what they have already done. “I have to see the next series, ” thinks a fan of the good old adventures of the two Winchesters. ” After all, I started to look.” You have to be strong. “

Spectator interest is still there, so the authors do not plan to close the fantasy story – the show was resurrected for the 14th season. His premiere will be held in autumn 2018.


“Elementary” is a modern look at contemporary Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Or, if you follow the “rules” of the series, – Dr. Watson.

A simple detective story with turned upside down, but completely intuitive classic characters is somewhat reminiscent of “Bones.” That is, the investigation of confused cases over time is replaced by an abundance of assumptions, conjectures and a flood of insights drawn behind the ears. The detective ceases to be so, but still reaches for the screen.

Initially, the “pop” version of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes with each new episode of the next season is more like a tasteless chewing gum, and the audience feels it. They are getting smaller, and the chances that CBS will still cover the bench are higher than ever. It’s high time, as refreshing the once charismatic characters of Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lew can not already be nothing. Only money that Elementary earns to its bosses.


“Gotham” in the DC universe started in the fall of 2016. We were promised to tell the story of the maturation of Batman, his friends and enemies: Penguin, Catwoman, Mysterious, Poison Ivy, Joker, James Gordon.

If this is the case, then in a very extended form (which, in principle, is typical for serials of such a plan). Replacement characters – for example, instead of Bruce Wayne there is a Peter Smith – not particularly affect the perception of “Gotham”. It will only turn into an ordinary detective series with criminals of different stripes and sanity, beautiful women, drinking and shooting. Slightly change the entourage, and here’s a TV show about gangsters of the 30s or 40s.

In fact, it is difficult to formulate what is wrong with Gotham. Is that he is not about Batman and not heroes and villains DC. If this goes on, the series will turn into a story without a finale.

“Iron Fist” and “Black Lightning”

The ninth place will be shared by Marvel’s “Iron Fist” and DC’s “Black Lightning”. Both had good potential at the stage of promotion and trailers, but the screen turned out to be boring handicrafts. In our rating, the projects took one position because of their similarity: from both shows it bears amateur performance. Probably, this is dictated by the comics on which the series are based.

Many questions are caused by the choice of the performer of the main role of Danny Renda – the wooden “handsome” is noticeably inferior to the more charismatic colleague from “Daredevil” and even to some extent Luke Cage from the project of the same name.

“Black Lightning” is like a student’s diploma work, which was able to attract good actors, but his desire to show the oppression of the black population, as well as the lack of finance affected the final product. Reading the same biography of a fictional character only enhances perplexity: it has everything for a sensible statement.

“Secret materials”

A place of honor is in the “X-Files”. Why honorable? Because the show is still closed. Again. I want to believe that forever. We can say thank you to Fox for trying to revive Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. However, their time has passed, and nothing will return the former glory.

Closer to the finale of the 11th season there was a lot of irony, humor and attempts to resemble the “Black Mirror”. That is, from the old “X-Files” there is nothing left.

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