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Microsoft launched the program for free replacement tablets Surface Pro 4

Because the company can not cope with the inexplicable flicker of the screens for some devices ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

About the problem, eventually received the name Flickergate , it became known almost immediately from the moment of the sale of tablets in 2015. Now in Microsoft recognized that they can not cope with it programmatically, so they decided to free replacement of defective devices.

If you want to replace the tablet, you must consider several conditions:

  • the device must be no more than 3 years from the date of purchase;
  • the device can not be replaced if it has failed due to software not sold / licensed by Microsoft, external damage (for example, falling or flooding) or has traces of uncertified repair;
  • For free, only devices with a flickering screen are replaced, for all other cases, contact the warranty service center;
  • if you paid for the screen flicker elimination yourself, contact the support service – after checking you will be offered compensation.

The application for a free replacement of Surface Pro 4 should be left on the promotion page .

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