I drowned my iPhone X. Do not repeat my mistakes.

All the best of the day, I hasten to share the extremely unpleasant news, I drowned my iPhone X.

I’ve always been an ardent fan of Apple, I’ve been with iPhones since their appearance, and I was insanely happy, and here I bought an iPhone X for $ 1250 (which is a lot), just fell in love with it, it was what I was waiting for, camera, screen, well, and the same waterproof IP67, which showed itself well not previous models. After reviewing all crash tests, how much and how deeply it is immersed, I decided to repeat this action too. After turning on the video recording, I jumped into the pool, 10 seconds and emerged. He rubbed it, wiped a towel, blew out the speakers, and then went on his own business. After about 20 minutes, I get out the phone and what does he write to me !? “Error Face ID”, I am perplexed, overloading, knocking, all the same, I call a friend from the workshop, he says the phrase: “It’s very strange, you did not drop it, did not bend it?” It’s just very strange.

Having followed all the advice, I put my “brick” in the safe and went to celebrate the birthday.

Arriving home, immediately took the phone to the workshop. Vskrtie showed an extremely unpleasant picture. The water got into the iphone from the right side, the reason was the practical lack of a protective pad, that is, the screen was just a glue like in the iPhone 6, and the water safely corroded the matrix, the motherboard and FaceID were saved, but everything else is a failure, the solution is one: display.

In case of water ingress, the Apple warranty is not valid, the phone was purchased in the official store, there are all coupons, garages, etc. and the like, only there is no sense from this. I can not download the information either, since the phone is password-protected and you need a screen to unlock it. Now my phone is lying down and waiting for the moment when some poor guy breaks his iPhone X, I lend the display, enter the password, download all the information, collect the iPhone with its recessed display and send it for replacement in the US, where they are changed for about $ 300.

In the meantime, I decided that if the company managed to sell me a phone for $ 1,250, in which there is such a marriage, I probably will refrain from buying those devices.

At the moment I go with Galaxy S9, I thought that there will be horror, but I will say so, no difference, the flagship is the flagship, only it is cheaper, there are pluses and minuses, but in general I do not feel much difference at all.

Thank you all, do not swim with the phones, they can drown.

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