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Huawei will set up huge black ravens in British cities

But not because the company wants to scare the inhabitants of Misty Albion (although it looks like this) – on the contrary, it seeks to satisfy their craving for wildlife, and at the same time to advertise their new smartphone.

After analyzing the results of several surveys, each involving about 2,000 Britons, Huawei concluded that 79% of the respondents would like to be closer to the wildlife, and 20% would take photos of the fauna, imagine such an opportunity. At the same time, only 2% of respondents felt that they could meet the crow where they live.

Therefore, the company made several statues of black ravens, each height is more than 2.5 meters, and for May 12-13, they intend to arrange them in different cities of Great Britain. The action is intended to advertise a new smartphone Huawei P20 Prowith three lenses Leica in the lens of his camera, and at the same time, according to the organizers, “give people a chance to see the mysterious crow next to him.” True, it is not entirely clear how this is related to the British aspiration to see the wildlife.

And with a crow you can take a picture, bring it to the participating office of the mobile operator Vodafone and get a chance to win a safari tour for two.

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