76-year-old Japanese man has avoided a heart attack thanks to Apple Watch

The man went to the hospital when the clock warned him of an increased heart rate.

Photo of South China Morning Post
Photo of South China Morning Post

Gaston D’Aquino was in the church when his Apple Watch signaled a high level of heart rate. He had heard such stories before, so he immediately went to the hospital, where doctors could prevent a fatal heart attack. About this man toldSouth China Morning Post.

I told the doctor that I do not know why I’m here, but my watch warned me about the increased heart rate. He asked if I felt anything, and I said no, because everything was fine and nothing bothered me.

Gaston D’Aquino

The ECG showed that something was wrong with the man, after which the doctors performed additional tests and found that two of his three coronary arteries were blocked completely, and the third one was blocked by almost 90%. This could lead to a heart attack with a fatal outcome.

According to D’Aquino, before that, he was referring to a cardiologist who prescribed him cures for diabetes, high cholesterol and pressure, but he had no signs of more serious heart problems. After the examination in the hospital, the man immediately agreed to angioplasty – a procedure for restoring the blood flow to the heart by implanting small stents into blocked arteries.

The day after the operation, D’Aquino was already allowed to go home. According to the man, he felt “much, much better.”

To get a new chance in life is excellent. You wake up the next morning, look around, and everything looks prettier. This is a great feeling when you are a few days on the rise. This is something special.

Gaston D’Aquino

D’Aquino noted that he decided to share his story, because he turned to the hospital, after reading about similar cases. He believes that his experience can also save someone’s life.

The man also wrote a letter to the head of Apple Tim Cook by e-mail. D’Aquino explained that on that day the watch first warned him of a high heartbeat, and he had not yet felt anything, although he was already a “walking delayed-action bomb.”

He urged Cook to continue advertising Apple Watch as a device for people who have heart problems. The Japanese admitted that he lost his cousin two weeks ago because of a heart attack, but if he also had an “intelligent” clock from Apple, this would probably not have happened.

Tim Cook said in a response letter that he was very happy to hear about D’Aquino’s current health and noted that such stories “inspire Apple to continue working.”

The function that alerts you to increased heart rate appears in watchOS 4. When it is turned on, the clock will send a notification if the heart rhythm of the wearer has risen above a certain value during a period of calm. The feature works on all Apple Watch, starting with Series 1 and newer.

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