WSJ: Apple plans to issue a credit card

Together with the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Apple, along with Goldman Sachs, was prepared to release a credit card under the Apple Pay brand in early 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported , citing sources familiar with the plans of the companies. Thus, the company will refuse to partner with Barclays Bank in favor of Goldman Sachs.

The map is intended to be put into circulation in early 2019. WSJ explained the plans of companies to try to cope with the difficulties in business. Sales of the iPhone slowed, and the move to Apple Pay has become slower than expected, while the investment bank, due to a recession in trading in securities, has engaged in consumer lending.

The partnership is that Goldman Sachs will offer Apple loans. With each transaction through Apple Pay, the company receives 0.15%, but it can call twice as much from the credit card, said the WSJ source. At the same time, the map parameters have not been agreed yet.

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