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US charges against Vekselberg caused delay in repairs of toilets in the center of Washington

The staff of the museum used the portable restrooms on the street for several weeks.

Mobile toilet in Washington. Photos Huffington Post
In the United States, the delivery of drain pumps for the repair of the sewage system of the museum and park zone was delayed. National Alley in the center of Washington. As reported by The Huffington Post, one of the reasons was US sanctions against Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg and the structures that are connected with him.

According to the representative of the National Park Service Mike Litterst, the historic building constantly faces problems due to pumps. Despite the fact that the sewerage in the building of the museum administration was renovated in the summer of 2017, in March it again broke down.

Problems with sewerage made stationary lavatories unsuitable for use, and for several weeks in a row the alley staff had to go to mobile toilets in the parking lot or to neighboring buildings.

The administration of the National Mall failed to complete the sewage repair in time because the Swiss machine building concern Sulzer was supplying the drain pumps. Since 2015, Vekselberg through the company “Renova” owned 63.42% stake in the company, but after the introduction of sanctions announcedthe intention to reduce the share below 50%.

USA March 19, ordered pumps from the American company Chesapeake Environmental Equipment, which sells products Sulzer. The detained equipment worth $ 9,468 was delivered on April 13 – the day after Sulzer announced that it had bought 5 million shares from Renova and thus withdrew from the sanctions.

The Huffington Post stressed that the sanctions against Vekselberg did not become the sole reason for the delay in the delivery of pumps, but significantly slowed the process. The toilets in the museum building resumed work on April 20, and the portable restrooms were removed on May 8.

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