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Ukraine banned the Russian participant entry to the Eurovision Song Contest

Yulia Samoylova is officially banned from entering the territory of Ukraine. Thus, the Russian singer will not be able to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, reports Interfax . According to Ukrainian laws, the performer was banned from entering because she visited the Crimea, whose territory is considered to be occupied in the country. Updated at 19:30: The first channel said that Samoilova will go to Eurovision in 2018, if not go to Ukraine.

Yulia Samoilova
Yulia Samoilova
Entry into the territory of Ukraine for a period of three years Russian woman was banned by the SBU. This was discussed earlier, but no one made official statements before March 22.

On March 20, the First Channel stated that Ukraine would not prevent Samoilova from entering, although on the same day it became known that the SBU was preparing a document on the ban.

The fact that Russia at the “Eurovision” will present Julia Samoilova became knownon March 12, just hours before the end of bidding. This decision provoked a stormy discussion in the society. Many journalists and experts said that Samoilova was nominated for political purposes: allegedly Russia assumed that she would be banned from entering, and this would give rise to accusing Ukraine of discriminating against persons with disabilities in the face of the European Union.

The ban on entry into the country is due to the fact that in 2015 Samoilova spoke at a concert in the city of Kerch of the Crimea, which Ukraine considers an occupied territory. Earlier, in the European Broadcasting Union, the SBU was called upon toadmit representatives from all countries to participate in the competition.

A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, in an interview with RIA Novosti, called theSBU “cynical and inhuman.”

Later in the press service of the First Channel told that if Ukraine does not allow Julia Samoilova to participate in the “Eurovision”, then next year, regardless of the venue of the contest, she will still represent Russia. This statement was made jointly with VGTRK, which also has the right to choose participants for this contest.

At the same time, the Federation Council threatened to boycott Eurovision in the following years because of the situation with Samoilova.

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