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“They will remember this”: bloggers accused Boston Dynamics of cruel treatment of robots

On February 24, Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, published a video test of the new robot Atlas. For two days, the video received more than 9 million views on YouTube.

As part of their tests, Boston Dynamics employees often kick robots to test their ability to balance in unpredictable situations.

However, the reaction of the public to the tests of Atlas was not the same as it was in relation to previous videos. A two-legged, upright robot reminded users of the human network, so many commentators began viewing the device as a living being.

“Suffering” Atlas mounted under the sad music, imagining that for robots of the future he would one day become a great martyr.


Bloggers noted that in the case of a car revolt, Boston Dynamics employees will be the first to die.

Bloggers mixed footage from the films of James Cameron with fragments of video Boston Dynamics, drawing a picture of a gloomy future.

A member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said that in his agency with robots are treated carefully, so in the war of the future their machines are likely to stand on the side of people.


In recent years, robots Boston Dynamics are attracting more attention of network users. In the coming spring, one of them will play a small “role” in the series “Silicon Valley”.

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