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The Russian authorities responded to the ECHR by referring to the non-existent ban on “homosexuality”

The case concerns the blocking of the Internet site and two groups of the “Children-404” community in 2015 and 2016.

On her page in VKontakte, Elena Klimova, the administrator of the LGBT community , Children-404, reported that Russia sent to the ECtHR a note on the admissibility and merits of the complaint, which concerns her administrative punishment for gay propaganda among minors in 2015 and site locks and two groups of the “Children-404” community in 2015 and 2016. The remarks consist mainly of the retelling of judicial decisions.

In the case of Klimov v. Russia, interference with the applicant’s right to freedom of expression was prescribed by law, pursued a legitimate aim – protecting health and morals and protecting the rights of others, was proportionate to the goal pursued and necessary in a democratic society. The need to block the website promoting NSOK (non-traditional sexual orientation among minors) and to bring the applicant to administrative responsibility are due to the fact that the posted materials go beyond the information to support adolescents who are experiencing difficulties in connection with their non-traditional sexual orientation.

Elena Klimova
Administrator of the LGBT community “Children-404”

But it is worth noting one curious thing, the comments openly mention propaganda of homosexuality . In the legislation of the Russian Federation there is the term “non-traditional sexual orientation”, and the word “homosexuality” is not in the laws.

Objections will be sent to “similar comments”, the process continues.

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