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The Nine Inch Nails group refused to sell tickets online. Fans will have to stand in line on the street

The musicians decided to fight with resellers, but perhaps only harm the fans.

Concert composition Nine Inch Nails. Photos of Blackbird Radio

The bulk of tickets for the new tour “Cold and Black Infinite” industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails in the US will not be sold via the Internet. Head of the team musician Trent Reznor announced that for the sake of fighting with resellers fans will have to buy tickets during the first sales on the street, having stood the queue.

The promise to make the world better by computers and the Internet has failed for us in many, many things, especially when it comes to selling tickets. In this process, lose everything and everything except the reseller. We decided to try differently, maybe it will suck, but in a different way. We hope that most of you will arrange the results, and some will do the same as always, and they will not even notice the difference.

Trent Reznor
composer, head of Nine Inch Nails

The site of the team reported that Nine Inch Nails “has always been a group that unites people who live full life to have a good time.”

Unusual ticket sales policy is an excellent opportunity to meet other real people with similar interests and, perhaps, “interact with them.”

from the site Nine Inch Nails

During the first sales, tickets will only be available in offline cash registers. In this case, one hand will be given a maximum of four pieces, and it will be forbidden to book them – any places can be redeemed if one comes earlier than the rest.

As noted by the publication Engadget, this policy Nine Inch Nails will not help in the fight against resellers and online resale: nothing prevents to buy tickets and put them online for a higher price. Such a move can even negatively affect fans who do not live in big cities near the venues: they either will not be able to buy tickets, or they will have to make an additional trip for this purpose.

Tickets left after the first sales, they promise to sell online a little later. There will be a limited number of them, how many is unknown.

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