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The explosion of a North Korean hydrogen bomb in 2017 shifted the mountain

During the weapons tests on September 3, 2017, the explosion was such a force that the North Korean mountain Mantapsan moved several meters. This could be established using satellite imagery during a new study.

Scientists at the University of California studied images from the German satellite TerraSAR-X, made before and after the hydrogen bomb tests by North Korea. Previously, it was known that the explosion led to an earthquake of magnitude 6.3. Now it became known that the consequences for our planet were even more serious.

Mantapsan in height of 2205 meters has shifted approximately on 3,5 meters in a southwest direction. According to scientists, they have never seen such consequences of human activity. Also about one meter the height of the mountain decreased.

The bomb was about 13-20 times more powerful than that used when attacking Hiroshima in 1945.

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