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SpaceX postponed the launch of Falcon-9 with a telecommunications satellite a minute before the launch

This is the first commercial launch for the modification of the missile with a reusable block-5 upper block.

Falcon 9 with Block 5. Photo SpaceX
May 10, about a minute before the start of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral in Florida, automatic cancellation was triggered, SpaceX reported , without specifying the circumstances of the incident. The American space company eventually transferred the rocket launch for a day – on May 11 at 16:14 local time (23:14 Moscow time).

The updated Falcon 9 should make the first commercial launch and bring Bangabandhu-1 telecommunications satellite Bangladesh into near-Earth orbit for communication in remote areas. It is planned that he will work for 15 years.

Modification of Block 5 has become the fifth for Falcon 9 and is calculated for at least 10 flights with minimal technical inspections. Block 5 meets NASA standards and will reduce the cost of SpaceX launches.

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