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Representatives of the IT industry from Russia were not allowed to attend a conference on crypto-currencies in Kiev

According to the border guards, the Russians could not confirm the purpose of the visit.

Representatives of the IT industry are waiting for refusal of entry. Photo of Haji Mahtiyev
Representatives of the IT industry are waiting for refusal of entry. Photo of Haji Mahtiyev

The founder of the publication “Kanobu” and the creator of the service recommendations for the games Haji Mahtiyev told that he was not allowed into the territory of Ukraine. He, like other members of the service team, was heading for the Crypto Games Conference in Kiev.

According to RAWG representatives, along with Makhtiev, at least six participants of the conference and representatives of the IT industry with Russian citizenship – Alexander Zelenshchikov, Roman Kanunnikov, Mikhail Bodunov, Grigory Vinogradov, Dmitry Sokolov and Ilya Podoynitsyn – were detained at Kiev’s Borispol airport. At the same time, Mahtiyev was the only member of the team, who was not allowed to go to Ukraine, while the other participants reached the conference and spoke on it.

According to the decision of the Ukrainian border guards, Russians were denied entry because of the impossibility to confirm the purpose of the stay. According to the border service, they did not have enough documents to justify the entry. At the same time representatives of the IT industry had invitations to the conference.

In general, developers had to wait for the decision of the border guards for several hours.

To spoil people for five hours and issue a refusal for insufficient documents. Not a glass of water, not a piece of bread. I hope that the border is now on a stronger castle. Well done pograntsy. I will try not to fly to Kiev any more. In the hell such a “service” on the border “sit-wait-call-interrogate”.

Haji Mahtiyev
from an entry on facebook

The border guards did not explain to the travelers why they made such a decision and which documents they did not have. In the decision of the border service, which was published by Mahtiyev, there is no additional explanation.

Co-organizer of Crypto GamesConference Evgeny Lavrinenko confirmed to that seven people were refused entry to the individual order. Together with this he stressed that Ukrainian border guards missed about 20 Russians who were going to the conference on similar invitations. Lavrynenko came to the border checkpoint to understand the situation and “express a civil position,” but by the time the note was written, border guards had not met with him.

We have an international conference – more than 15 countries, 80% of reports in English. I believe that conferences and similar events should be viewed in a more positive way, especially if all the invitations are available.

Evgeny Lavrinenko
co-organizer of Crypto GamesConference

It follows from the statement of the RAWG that in a few hours of waiting for the detainees at the airport, the Russians were provided with water. They no longer hope to attend the conference.

At the moment, the whole company feels fine, water is finally given, everyone is waiting for their return flights.

RAWG team statement
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