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Photo: More than a thousand walruses on the coast of a village in Alaska

Probably, they came there for food.

Photo by John Christensen, Jr., AP
Photo by John Christensen, Jr., AP

About 200 walruses gathered in Alaska near the village of Port-Heiden , which surprised the locals. The population of the village is 110 people.

On April 7, the head of the Port-Hayden Tribal Council, John Christensen Jr, drove along the beach with his friends and felt a foul smell. First of all, the company thought that someone had died, and began looking for dead sea otters or seals ashore to report to local environmental authorities.

Christensen followed the beach a couple of kilometers before he noticed a beach full of walruses.

We were wondering what kind of white things are in the sky. Fangs could be seen there. When we came closer, we saw the bodies of walruses.

John Christensen Jr.
head of the Port-Heyden Tribal Council

Two weeks later, Christensen saw “more than a thousand” walruses that gathered 32 kilometers from the village. According to his words , to the walruses are positive, but “terrible smell”, wheezing and sneezing that come from them, “definitely not welcome.”

Joel Garlich-Miller, a biologist at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, explained that the exact reasons for the walrus cluster are unknown. Presumably, the animals came there for food.

According to the scientist, walrus males usually spend the summer in the Bering Sea, about 209 kilometers from Port Hayden. At the end of the 1980s, there appeared at least 10,000 seals, Garlic-Miller stressed. In recent years, their number has decreased to 2-3 thousand.

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