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Pedestrians instead of cars: Musk changed the concept of tunnels Boring Company

Now not a platform for cars, but a subterranean electric bus.

On the night of March 10, businessman Elon Musk told about changes in the concept of his company The Boring Company, which is engaged in the construction of tunnels. According to him, preference is now given not to motorists, but to pedestrians and public transport.

“[We] will continue to transport cars, but only after satisfying all the needs for personalized public transport. This is a question of courtesy and honesty. If someone can not allow the car, it should be skipped ahead “

According to Musk, the transport system The Boring Company involves the launch of “thousands” of stations the size of one parking space. In his opinion, relatively small “capsules” will allow to more effectively cope with the flow of passengers, rather than the metro.

Musk also presented the first demo video with a transport station that transports passengers on the established routes. The video indicates that such “capsules” will develop speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

“Soon the video will be better, but everything will look something like this”

The Boring Company builds underground tunnels in Los Angeles (the length of 3.2 kilometers) and in Baltimore (20 kilometers). The exact date of the system launch is unknown.

In the rollers, which Musk showed in April 2017, on special mobile platforms, cars moved. The project is conceived as a way to rid cities of traffic jams.

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