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NVIDIA has earned $ 289 million

The company NVIDIA for the first time disclosed information about how much it earned on the Crypto-Currency masters. It turned out that in the reporting period they brought the manufacturer of graphics accelerators $ 289 million. The total amount of revenue reached $ 3.2 billion. The business connected with data centers generated NVIDIA $ 701 million, which was slightly less than the forecasted figures of $ 703 million.

The company expects a significant drop in revenue – 65% – due to a drop in demand for GPUs from the side of the miners in the next quarter. NVIDIA’s management notes a decline in prices for graphics accelerators, which led to an increase in demand for them among gamers. However, to get the most interesting video cards of the company at reasonable prices is still very problematic in almost all regions.

For some investors, the influence of the crypto-currency on the demand for NVIDIA products was seen as not too positive.

Automotive business NVIDIA set a record and brought the company $ 145 million against the expected $ 132 million.

The company’s net profit reached $ 1.24 billion against $ 507 million in the same period a year earlier.

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