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Microsoft has forbidden to shut down the computer without updating Windows

Boasting a future update and a completely redesigned Windows 10 interface , Microsoft decided to provide its users with a real pig.

Now, owners of laptops and computers running Windows 10 with the April update will not be able to shut down the computer until the OS does not load and install the necessary patch.

Solve the problem by searching the Control Panel settings – Microsoft has completely disabled the ability to control the forced update.

As a result, users can be logged out, put the system into hibernation or sleep mode, but it will only be possible to reboot or shut down the computer after installing the recommended patches.

It seems that Microsoft has become too intrusive. Wishing to maintain the status of a “protected operating system”, the developers forgot that sometimes an emergency shutdown is simply necessary.

Well, with such updates, owners of Windows-compatible laptops and computers will often need to take out a battery or pull a plug from the outlet. This is the only way to get your gadget shut down when Windows 10 suddenly discovers another “critical” update. WB ]

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