iPhone SE2 is not needed

We can show the new iPhone SE in a month. 2 years ago he played on nostalgia and helped Apple sell the old case from 5s. They say that this year the company is spinning the carousel again.

I’m against the iPhone SE2. This is a pre-obsolete device that can not be released and taken in 2018. I’ll explain on my fingers.

WWDC 2018, the best place for iPhone SE2

Without presentations, Apple did not throw new smartphones on the shelves, and the iPhone SE2 does not want an exception.

Present a novelty of the 4th along with 3 flagships in September is stupid. It will lose on their background functionally, and they are at its price.

In 2016 there was a full-fledged spring event, which featured the 1st Special Edition. In the spring of 2018 showed “rattles” for schoolchildren, and SE2 could not get into their number. The closest event is WWDC 2018.

To justify the iPhone at the event for developers, the company will promote it as a cheap test device for mobile software.

Will get out.

No, the iPhone SE2 will not be the way you think

To haypanut on the subject of SE2, the designers present it as a cheap version of the iPhone X with a “bang” True Depth, a screen without borders and top filling in a compact package. All this is inexpensive.

Of course, this is complete nonsense, and despite the steep format, 99% of the concepts in the network are provocation .

iPhone X became a jubilee presentation of technologies available for Apple, which will become ordinary not earlier than September.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are still up-to-date, and the budget-holder can not get more modern technology. Precisely not receive.

Therefore, we remove rose-colored glasses and continue to look at the world soberly.

iPhone SE2 from the iPhone SE can not be distinguished from the meter

If the new Special Edition still comes out, and you immediately buy it, you will not surprise anyone. The casual passer-by does not distinguish him from the old one from the meter and closer.

The aluminum backdrop is exactly replaced with glass to add wireless charging and to sell AirPower, which will soon be available at retail.

The filling of SE2 is pulled up to the level of iPad 2018 . He will receive the A10 Fusion from the iPhone 7 and, perhaps, a normal front-end. No more.

From 3.5 audio for certain will get rid, and the screen remains former together with Touch ID and other chips.

With a normal price in Russia will buy. Pontoon iPhone for cheap, standards.

iPhone SE2. In 2018, we do not need this one

I believe that in 2018 4-inch smartphones do not have a place .

Believe the owner of the iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch screen. Even this phone is not enough to be called a smartphone. On such films to watch not kicks, in games all too small, to read murder for eyes.

In the current lineup of Apple smartphones, there should be an iPhone X2 of 5.8 inches for brittle and refined, an iPhone 9 for 6.2 inches for masses and an iPhone X2 Plus for 6.5 inches for gigantomans. This with the head.

Though I kill, I do not see the point of making a 4-inch caller with modern hardware.

If you really need an inexpensive iPhone, take at least 7-ku … This is my opinion.

Moreover, iPhone SE2 is not needed and Apple

iPhone SE was recognized as the most popular smartphone in Russia many times. I repeat, this is Apple’s pennant logo on the back for cheap, it’s raking.

But the world is different . Best selling iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus and the same 7-ka. The latter is already considered the entry point to the ecosystem, and another company’s budget is useless.

So I’m pretty sure that we will not see any SE2 in the end. Confuses only the pressure of insiders and analysts who beat themselves in the chest with one name of this model. It’s strange.

Once again , if the iPhone SE2 also comes out, it will be a through replacement for the first, no more.

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