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How long will the seals last? Live broadcast of smartphones with 10 000 mAh batteries

What is the most important thing in a smartphone? Screen, processor, sound, scanner, battery? Everyone chooses a smartphone for their own needs and on the basis of funds available. But no matter what the charms offered by the next flagship mobile phone of any famous brand, the battery life is never in the last place – who needs a productive smartphone that does not live up to the evening?

We decided to conduct a small experiment, completely “refueling” two brutal smartphones with batteries for 11 and 10 000 mAh – Oukitel K10 and Oukitel 10 000 Max. The phones are updated, the brightness of the screen is set at 50%, and the “flight mode” is activated.

Instead of all the annoying films and serials, they started a three-hour video with the participation of seals and dogs. That is, all the forces imitate a long trip, in which you can finally surrender to your passion.

To be interesting to you, the process is broadcast live on YouTube, where you can see how long Chinese monsters will last. If the video site does not fail, then we will prepare a compressed version with an accelerated work. Stream started at 14:20.

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