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French tourists got out of the car in a Dutch safari park. Right in front of a pack of cheetahs

Despite repeated warnings about the ban on leaving the car, everything almost ended tragically.

French tourists were persecuted by a pack of cheetahs after leaving the car in the Dutch safari park Beekse Bergen. In the video, shot by another visitor to the reserve, you can see how a family of five decides to photograph a flock of predators. Then they drive a little further along the road and again leave the car, climbing a small hill.

Soon the cheetahs get up and run up to the group, and she tries in haste to hide in the car. The latter can be done by a woman with a child who repeatedly shakes off predators on the way to the car.

The spokeswoman for the park Beekse Bergen stressed that they make it clear that it is forbidden to leave the car while driving through the reserve.

We inform visitors about the risks in several languages ​​throughout the park.

spokeswoman for Beekse Bergen

The incident was confirmed by the observer of the Niels de Wildt Park (Niels de Wildt). He said that the tourists were “extremely lucky.”

Cheetahs are on the schedule of food intake, so now they are not hungry and should not hunt. But, in any case, these people are very lucky.

Nils de Wildt
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