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Eva Greene in Pyaterochka: French actress on filming in the Moscow region

The star of “Dreamers” came to the Star City, where she plays an astronaut woman.


May 10 at the ” Pikabu ” and on Twitter published photos of actress Eva Green in a Russian store, similar to the supermarket “Pyaterochka.” It turned out that the French actress, known for the films “Dreamers”, “Sin City” and “Casino Royale”, came to the Moscow region to shoot a new film.

The first photos with Eva Green appeared in Instagram in late April: users told that they met the actress in the store, where she came along with colleague Matt Dillon.

In the pictures Green is wearing everyday clothes, a jacket with the logo of the European Space Agency and a bottle of Narzan. Judging by the comments, fans caught the actors after filming in one of the supermarkets WellStore in the Star City.

Soon VKontakte published photos from the shootings: Eva Green and Matt Dillon wear astronaut spacesuits on them and posing with their colleagues, for example, actor Ivan Svetly.

In early spring of 2018 in the Star City began shooting the film “Proxima” directed by Alice Vinokur, known for the paintings “Bodyguard” and “Kitchen”. Eva Green plays an astronaut woman, who is trained to fly to the International Space Station.

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