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Elon Musk almost completed the tunnel near Los Angeles and plans to open it in the coming months

True, you still need to get a final agreement from the authorities.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk showed the first tunnel near Los Angeles almost completed by his company The Boring Company. Now the authors of the project are waiting for final approval from the regulatory authorities, after which they intend to open a tunnel for use for several months.

Initially, the tunnel was conceived for motorists, but in March, Musk changed the concept and gave preference to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Map of the tunnel Musk. The red segment will be launched first and will be used for testing, and the blue segment – potential routes for system expansion

The project in Los Angeles is not the only one that Musk works on. The Boring Company intends to build a high-speed route to Chicago , as well as a tunnel between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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