Construction firm from Dallas switched to iPad instead of paper and saved $ 1.8 million a year

It turned out that the tablets can seriously simplify the construction.

The construction company Rogers-O’Brien said that after the introduction of the iPad in its work, it saved about 2 million dollars and 55 thousand hours of employees’ work during the year. According to the technical director of the firm Todd Wynne (Todd Wynne), the tablets solved the main problem of the construction industry – the use of drawings on paper.

He explained that usually during construction there are several versions of drafts on paper: engineers and architects constantly make some changes. And builders have to work on the basis of securities that could already change, and if this happens – they have to start work again.

To solve this problem, all employees of the company were provided with aipads, and plans and drawings were transferred to the cloud storage.

Building plans are now in the cloud and any employee has the same always updated version. So if an architect or an engineer makes a change, it’s immediately visible through the iPad right into the field. We call it “One Truth”. Because all work with the same truth.

from Rogers-O’Brien

The technical director noted that after switching to this mode of operation on each project, the company began to save 7% of the cost. The transfer of paper work to the iPad not only helped to get rid of the cost of paper itself, but also saved the company a lot of time. Usually, employees could not carry all the papers with them because of their number, so they had to constantly return to the office, but now this need was gone.

Despite the fact that Apple has a special program for business that allows you to save on the cost of devices, the construction company just bought the tablets in the branded store at full cost.

I bought them [ipads] at the local Apple Store from 10 to 50 pieces at a time without any discounts or support from Apple. We did everything ourselves.

Todd Vine
technical director Rogers-O’Brien

The store manager noticed the unusual interest of the man and asked why he needed so many tablets. After that, he invited Vain to conduct seminars in the store for other entrepreneurs, teaching them to use the tablets in their work.

At the same time for office needs in Rogers-O’Brien use computers on Windows, but the company noted that they would not have used the tablets from Microsoft, even if they were on sale at the time.

The iPad can last for a couple of days against 8-10 hours [on tablets on Windows]. In addition, the iPad with a cellular connection costs about $ 300 against a PC with a touch screen and LTE, which will cost 1,5 thousand dollars [probably, it’s about Microsoft Surface Pro].

Todd Vine
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