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Chinese TV company has lost rights to broadcast Eurovision due to LGBT censorship and tattoos

Her staff washed rainbow flags and cut out two numbers.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has withdrawn from the Chinese television company Mango TV the right to broadcast the Eurovision song contest. The reason was Mango’s decision to review the video stream of the first semifinal, broadcast on May 9 at local time.

According to the BBC, the Chinese TV crew partially washed up the image in the rooms, where spectators of the show waved LGBT flags.

A frame from the Mango TV broadcast

Two performances are also subjected to absolute censorship. In China, they did not show the number of Albanian singer Eugent Bushpepa (Eugent Bushpepa) – presumably, because of the tattoos of Bushpepa himself and his musicians.

From the Chinese version of the first semifinal, the number of the Irish musician Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Ryan O’Shaughnessy) also disappeared, in which two actors staged romantic scenes.

Representatives of the EBU said that the actions of Mango TV are contrary to the principles of universality and inclusiveness, as well as the tradition of “celebrating diversity through music.” The organization added that the broadcaster will not be able to show the rest of the contest to its viewers.

O’Shaughnessy greeted the decision of the EBU and said that from the very beginning he described his number with the words “love is love, and it does not matter: between two guys, two girls or a guy and a girl”. The musician called the right decision to revoke the license, although it was “not easy.”

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