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Bethesda announces “Skyrim about space”?

The exit of any RPG-game from Bethesda is a loud event, which fans wait for years. Fallout 4 was released in 2015. Loved by many Skyrim – in 2011. Today, on its Twitter account, Bethesda published a picture with a rocket, dissecting pink clouds of smoke. Can this be a hint of a completely new space Starfield RPG?

Earlier in the network, there were speculations that the long-developed Starfield could be released this fall, and it could be announced at the E3 gaming exhibition. The picture with the rocket should be a bold hint at this announcement.

Later, Bethesda published a photo of the Sukiyabashi crossroads in Tokyo, also painted in pink. This may be a hint at some kind of game The Crossing. The company received the rights to this trademark in 2016.

Earlier the publisher hinted at the announcement of Rage 2 – a shooter from id Software. In the official Twitter account of the first part of the game using pink paint was edited a screenshot from the store Walmart, which was leaked information about the future game. Apparently, thanks to this leak, Bethesda decided to poteshirit their future games, the announcement of which can be held either on Monday, or at the exhibition E3.

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