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Walmart accidentally declassified the new Splinter Cell, Gears of War and Just Cause

Trade network Walmart mistakenly published on its website new products, among which – a number of unannounced games. Reports about new parts of cult franchises: shooter Gears of War 5, action movie Just Cause 4 and stealth-action Splinter Cell.

In addition, once again a confirmation of the development of Borderlands 3. Also on the list you can find Forza Horizon 5 – it’s pretty strange, because the last part in this racing series was number three in the title.

If the continuation of these franchises was only a matter of time, then the game Rage 2 looks interesting – the first part of the action movie was released in 2011, the sequel nothing was reported. Apparently, the authors of DOOM decided to return to the continuation of the post-apocalyptic action.

Apparently, most of these games will be announced at the E3 gaming exhibition, which will be held in mid-June in Los Angeles.

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