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Unusual solutions that turned out to be very useful (15 photos)

We bring to your attention some very original solutions that have proved useful in everyday life, and therefore are worthy of distribution.

The new system does not allow you to listen to music in the car until you fasten your seatbelt.

Indicator of tire wear.

Corner drawers.

Washing machine, capable of washing various stains.

A vending machine will refund you money if you did not receive what you wanted.

Containers for dogs at the entrance to the store.

Cooler for mouthwash after eating.

Toilet with doors, to which you do not need to touch.

Bicycle tires that you never need to pump.

A supermarket trolley suitable for children and people with disabilities.

Having discovered a broken shopping cart, the buyer can put this stick into it, so that it can be repaired later.

Fire and ambulance buttons.

Stand with forms for baking.

A bottle of sauce with the ability to adjust the sharpness.

Benches in the fence.

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