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The series “Rick and Morty” extended for another 70 episodes

The cartoon about the adventures of the brilliant scientist and his grandson was not prolonged for the fourth season, which caused rumors about the problems of the series

One of the creators of the series “Rick and Morty” Justin Royland said that the channel Adult Swim ordered another 70 new episodes of the show. Over the previous three seasons, the cartoon had 31 episodes. Information about the extension was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

“There will be more Rick and Morty. Already waiting for tweets with questions, where the series “

In March 2018, screenwriter Rick and Morty Dan Harmon said that it is difficult for him to write a script for a new season, “which the channel has not even ordered yet.” Because of this statement, some media have concluded about the problems of the series. A few days later Harmon specified that it was only a matter of discussing the details of the contract.

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