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The Predator has returned! Released the first trailer for the restart of the classic action movie

Film company 20th Century Fox released the first trailer of the action movie “Predator”. This is a restart of the franchise, which began with a cult picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role.

Judging from the frames, only the Predator and the jungle connect the new film with the original film. The scale has clearly grown: in the frame, military SUVs are being turned over, many explosions, and scientists on a secret base have obviously started something unkind.

Among the actors there is Yvonne Strahovski – fans of Mass Effect know her in the image of Miranda. The director of the picture is Shane Blake, who staged “Kiss Smile” and “Iron Man 3”, as well as “Glorious Guys” (not to be confused with the same name series of Michael Bay’s fighters). The premiere of the painting will take place on September 14.

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