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The head of BioWare spoke about Anthem and hinted at a new game “in the spirit of Dragon Age”

According to him, a large-scale online RPG and a strong plot component are not mutually exclusive concepts.

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson posted a blog entry in the studio blog where he assured fans of their games that the developers are not going to back away from their principles for the online RPG Anthem.

The company formulated its “main goal”, which would characterize everything that BioWare worked on.

We create worlds in which you can experience adventures, conflicts and feelings of camaraderie. Worlds that would inspire you to become a hero of your own history.

“Main goal” of BioWare

Hudson said he understands the players’ uncertainty that they can have a significant impact on the story of a major MMORPG.

He noted that the doubt arises from the fact that making the user feel like the “main character” in the online game was not very successful, but BioWare intends to correct the situation.

In the case of Anthem, such problems are a priority for us and we intend to solve them in a certain way. This is aimed at the whole game design of the game. How exactly everything will work, we will tell you very soon.

In our understanding, we were able to create a unique experience for the player, in which you will not lose control of your history for a second. But she herself will unfold in the ever-changing multiplayer world.

Casey Hudson
general manager of BioWare

He also added that although Anthem is an online game with a potentially huge community, if you wish, you can not communicate with strangers. It will be possible to pass it alone, and only with your friends.

Hudson stressed that although the genre of online RPG is something new for the studio, fans can feel in it the “BioWare spirit”.

In addition, the studio is already working on ideas for future games, one of which is “very similar” to Dragon Age. Will it be part of the franchise, the general manager did not specify.

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